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From ceineke <>
Subject JAX-RS: Convert return value to JAXB-annotated element for transparent marshalling
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 16:17:42 GMT
My service contains a facade object that accepts and returns domain objects
which are POJOs. I've created an XSD for my JAX-RS service that specifies
the incoming and outgoing data types and refer to in the
<jaxrs:schemaLocations> section.

Unfortunately I have to litter my service implementation with methods like
"convertToDomainObject(TransferObject from)" and
"convertToTransferObject(DomainObject from)", because there is no straight
1-to-1 attribute mapping between the POJOs and the TOs (eg. integer are
reduced to booleans and vice-versa).

I looked at MessageBodyReader/MessageBodyWriter to convert between the two,
but implementing these providers doesn't seem to be the right approach to
me. I pull in the JacksonJsonProvider to gain transparent JSON support, but
with the readers/writers I would have to explicitly check the HTTP content
type and do the serialization to the requested type myself.

Basically, is there a way to map from instances of non-JAXB classes to
instances of JAXB-annotated classes without going as low as
MessageBodyReaderS and MessageBodyWriterS?

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