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From Jesse Pangburn <>
Subject CXF 2.5.1 problem with httpj:threadingParameters
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 19:47:16 GMT
I have the following portion of a Spring configuration file that I was using with CXF 2.4.2:
	<httpj:engine-factory >
		<httpj:engine port="9003" >
			<httpj:threadingParameters minThreads="6"
				maxThreads="16" />

There is a corresponding jaxws:endpoint that listens to a url on port 9003.  When I updated
to CXF 2.5.1, the server was acting like it never received the message yet "netstat -an |
grep 9003" shows the port open and "telnet localhost 9003" connects.  I changed nothing else
but the CXF version by replacing my classpath with the cxf-manifest.jar from 2.5.1.

A little testing showed that it's the httpj:threadingParameters at fault.  If I remove it
then the server gets connections on port 9003 just fine:
	<httpj:engine-factory >
		<httpj:engine port="9003" >

Anyone else run into this or have an idea?  Being able to set the maxThreads over the default
of 15 is a useful thing so hopefully this can be made to work.


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