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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Generated WADL missing <doc/> elements from @Description annotation?
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2011 15:38:51 GMT

Please see comments inline

On 25/09/11 00:26, Margaret Leber wrote:
> Our CXF JAX-RS Spring app generates perfectly lovely WADL
> documents...except no matter how I try apply @Description annotations
> to the REST interfaces, I find no<doc>  elements on the generated
> In the FAQ I read "When using Spring AOP to enable things like
> transactions and security, the generated WSDL is very messed up with
> wrong namespaces, part names, etc...When using Spring AOP, spring
> injects a proxy to the bean into CXF instead of the actual bean. The
> Proxy does not have the annotations on it (like the @WebService
> annotation) so we cannot query the information directly from the
> object like we can in the non-AOP case. The "fix" is to also specify
> the actual serviceClass of the object in the spring config..."
> Is it possible that something like this is what's happening to the
> @Description annotations in the WADL case?
> (I hope not because to date we have about two dozen service beans
> under one JAX-RS server; gonna be hard to merge them into one service
> class.)

What CXF version are you working with ? It has to be 2.4.0 at least.

If WADL is properly generated, then annotations such as @Path are 
visible. But if no @Description is visible at the same time, then may be 
it's a case of an OSGI Import-Package directive missing a 
"org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.model.wadl" value ?

Let me know please if that helps

Cheers, Sergey

> Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong would be welcome.
> Cheers
> MaggieL

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