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From Mihai Vasilache <>
Subject Re: Dynamic input/output policy configuration at runtime.
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 16:54:56 GMT
Sorry, wrong address. I intended to sent it to
But if anybody knows how can i configure the Metro framework, any help
will be appreciated :)


On Wed, 2011-09-21 at 19:49 +0300, Mihai Vasilache wrote:
> Hello!
> We want to develop a STS server based on Metro but completely
> configurable at runtime.
> We found some plug-in points for some configurations
> (xwssCallbackHandler, STSConfigurationProvider, validators etc.).
> The project is open source if others needs to inspire for Metro
> runtime-configurations:
> Beside what we discovered so far, we also need to configure
> <sp:EncryptedParts> and <sp:SignedParts> for the input and output
> binding operations that are normally defined in the wsdl file in the
> input/output operation's policies.
> We can modify the WSDL during the MEX response using SOAPHandlers,
> causing the client to behave accordingly with our runtime configuration,
> but we didn't found how to reconfigure the server (what he must expect
> from the client and how to respond).
> I've seen that at server startup, Metro is parsing the WSDL file and is
> creating a PolicyMap that contains Encrypted/Signed parts. But I didn't
> found a way to modify that map at runtime.
> While debugging and searching trough metro code I also found a
> com.sun.xml.wss.ProcessingContext and a DynamicPolicyCallback but i
> don't know how to use them.
> There is somebody that knows how can we provide this dynamic behavior at
> runtime?
> Thank you,
> Mihai

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