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From Carl-Erik Kopseng <>
Subject Re: Registering interceptors through web.xml
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:05:31 GMT
> See this section:
> At the moment, in/out interceptors will only be picked up if
> jaxrs.serviceClasses and jaxrs.providers parameters are used instead of
> It does make sense to get jaxrs.outInterceptors and jaxrs.inInterceptors
> supported with Application as well

I see that I cannot ATM configure the interceptors through web.xml,
but is there any way of programmatically adding the interceptors from
my Application class? I am unsure if I can go the route you linked to,
as inject two EJBs into one service, and I am unsure of how that could
be accomplished by just configuration.

		/* Inserts the appropriate EJBs into the rest service.
		MyService myService = new BudgetService();
		try {
			myService.setTotalCalculator( (ITotalCalculator) getBean(
"ITotalCalculator" ) );
			myService.setInfoStorage( (IInfoStorage) getBean( "IInfoStorage" ) );
		} catch ( NamingException e ) {
			throw new RuntimeException( e );
		singletons.add( myService );

Regards, Carl-Erik

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