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From Rahul Bindu <>
Subject Re: Policy annontations on opertaions in CXF 2.4.1
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:30:33 GMT
I solved the problem by changing the annotation placement to the operation
instead of input. Now I get the polices added to the generated WSDL but
multiple times. The top level policy gets added 4 times and the operation
polices gets added 2 times. This causes the service to throw error ( does
not understand the encrypted parts and tries to look up for a operation
called encryptedParts)

I had read some earlier post where some users had faced the issue, did not
find what the resolution was nor did I find a issue logged in JIRA. 

I did some debugging and found that there are two instances of
PolicyAnnotationListener in the FactoryBeanListenerManager. Is this causing
the event to be handled multiple times and thus duplication of the policy? 

The first instance is added during the setBus method on the
FactoryBeanListenerManager. The method looks for a bean of type
FactoryBeanListener and an instance of the PolicyAnnotationListener is
found. The next instance is added in the PolicyEngineImpl's setBus method,
where new instance of  PolicyAnnotationListener is created and added to the

Do I have something in the configuration that is causing this? An earlier
post talks about having multiple services the cause of the this problem. 
Please help.


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