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From dponos <>
Subject Re: @XMLRootElement for parameters in REST method signatures
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 18:49:18 GMT

Sergey Beryozkin-5 wrote:
> Forgot to mention that in earlier CXF versions one can get the same
> transformation done by explicitly configuring JSON or JAXB providers:

Thanks for your replies Sergey.  All the information you posted helps me a

I'm not using version 2.4 yet, but I was able to successfully get past the
error by configuring my JSONProvider with the transformation. 

I can't declare total victory yet because the fields for the object are not
getting populated and I wind up with an empty Foo object in my REST service

I've been stepping through code to find out why the fields of Foo aren't
getting set.  I noticed that in the UnmarshallingContext, there is an
"expectText()" method that is returning false.  It is returning false
because the loader is an instance of Discarder.   

When I step through the same code for a non-generated class that I don't
have to transform the incoming namespace for, the loader is an instance of

So I am currently trying to find out how the loader gets assigned.  If I can
get passed this issue, I think my problem will be completely solved. 

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