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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: A question of choice
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 20:41:14 GMT

Thanks for this info, I'll try to get back to later during the next few days
Cheers, Sergey

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 3:53 PM, David Sills <> wrote:
> All:
> A question for designers out there who wish to opine on best practices
> or advise me about an upcoming issue: we have an essentially RPC web
> service being considered for conversion to a RESTful one. Apologies for
> the length of the post before it even begins:
> The current SOAP web service, among other things, generates PDF reports
> (using BIRT behind the scenes, although of course that could be swapped
> out, which was the idea). A report can have arbitrarily many parameters
> (and many have quite a few) that must be supplied. In addition, the
> service performs a number of other functions are currently executed
> within a single service call. For instance, the service may print the
> generated document, keep it for later retrieval, or save it to a
> database. It may retrieve a document from the database rather than
> generating it.
> At the moment, what the service does is governed by a DocumentMetadata
> object:
> public interface DocumentMetadata
> {
>        String getDesignFilename();
>        String getAssociatedCaseId();
>        String getDocumentItemPageId();
>        String getTitleToSaveAs();
>        boolean isKeepAfterProcessing();
> }
> This allows the client to specify the name of the report file to use in
> generation, the case to which the document should be associated (a
> one-to-many relationship), the database ID of the document, the title to
> save the document as, and whether or not to keep it available.
> Another object (PrintJob) sent along details print parameters (printer
> to use, number of copies, orientation, etc.).
> The service uses these to decide what to do:
> 1. If the designFilename is supplied, a report is generated.
> 2. If the documentItemPageId is supplied, the report is retrieved from
> the database.
> 3. If the titleToSaveAs is supplied, the report is saved to the database
> with the appropriate title in addition to the bytes of the report itself
> (all saved documents require titles).
> 4. If the report is saved to the database and the associatedCaseId is
> supplied, a foreign-key reference to the case is inserted along with the
> document record (documents may relate to cases or not [e.g., summaries
> of daily activity relate to no specific case]).
> 5. If the keepAfterProcessing is set to true, the document is saved and
> information about how to retrieve it is returned to the client.
> 6. If the print object is supplied (non-null), the document (however
> obtained) is printed following the supplied parameters or sensible
> defaults.
> What is returned to the client is a ProcessingOutcome object:
> public interface ProcessingOutcome
> {
>        boolean isReportCreationSuccessful();
>        String getDocumentId();
>        String getDocumentItemId();
>        String getDocumentItemPageId();
>        boolean isPrintingSuccessful();
>        String getUrl();
>        String getUnc();
> }
> Most of this is obvious:
> 1. Whether report creation was successful (false if the report was
> retrieved from the database)
> 2. The various database IDs associated with the document (don't even ask
> - I didn't design the database, obviously)
> 3. Whether or not printing was successful (false if it was not
> requested)
> 4. If the document was kept, a URL for retrieving it via HTTP and a UNC
> reference for retrieving it via Windows Explorer et alia
> So now the questions:
> 1. Can or should this service be converted to REST?
> 2. Can it be converted to REST as is, or should it be broken up into
> smaller pieces (not sure the client would agree to that)?
> 3. Can REST handle the amount of data a GET request would necessarily
> have to include?
> Any ideas? Any tales of converting something like this and the ups and
> downs you encountered?
> Thanks in advance!
> David Sills

Sergey Beryozkin

Application Integration Division of Talend

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