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From Sven Zethelius <>
Subject RE: JAXB+GZIPFeature - performance
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 20:19:32 GMT
Yep, that's actually how we noticed the big difference.  The custom DataBinding we have used
to just do the marshal(Object, OutputStream) form, but then when we moved it to XMLStreamWriter
to work with SOAP, we saw the huge difference.  

Let me see if I can put together a sample that demonstrates.  It'll probably take me a few
days to find the free time though.

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From: Daniel Kulp [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 1:10 PM
Cc: Sven Zethelius
Subject: Re: JAXB+GZIPFeature - performance

As Willem suggested, a patch to the GZIP interceptors to wrapper with a 
buffered stream would be more than welcome.  

One note: however, is that it may not provide a huge advantage with "native" 
CXF+JAXB.   Under many circumstances, we don't call
Marshaller.marshal(Object, XMLStreamWriter)

and instead call:
Marshaller.marshal(Object, OutputStream)

to write directly to the outputstream.   When you do that, JAXB itself does a 
bunch of buffering and optimizations and stuff which may be why we haven't 
seen a need for it.

That said, the extra Buffered stream likely wouldn't hurt even for that case.


On Monday, May 16, 2011 1:42:53 PM Sven Zethelius wrote:
> We were doing some performance comparisons of the a custom DataBinding
> using JAXB and noticed a very large jump in response times when combining
> JAXB marshalling and GZIPFeature.  Without compression, we saw 24 ms
> response times, of that 3 ms were spent in our custom DataBinding that
> uses javax.xml.bind.Marshaller.marshal(Object, XMLStreamWriter).  With
> compression, our sample messages were seeing 400 ms response times, of
> that most was in the marshal call.  I notice CXF is using the same call
> for its JAXBDataBinding, so wanted to raise what I've found so anyone else
> interested can validate the same with stock CXF.
> After adding some monitoring, I found a big gain by adding a very simple
> fix: The GZIPOutInterceptor needs a BufferedOutputStream wrapping the
> GZIPOutputStream.  I did this with a custom Interceptor that I installed,
> after(GZIPOutInterceptor.class.getName()).  On just the server Out, this
> reduced response times from 100 ms, and out serialization to 5 ms.  Need
> to do some more tweaks to add it to client side as well, which should
> reduce that 100 ms number even further.
> The reason this makes a difference, at least on Windows, is that JAXB makes
> hundreds of calls to the OutputStream it is passed, in this case
> GZIPOutputStream.  This means hundreds of JNI calls and a lot of kernel
> context switching.  With the BuffferedOutputStream, those calls are
> reduced to a couple dozen, on a much larger data set that makes the
> Deflater much more efficient.
> Environment:
> JAXB 2.1 (JDK 6)
> CXF 2.3.2
> Windows Server 2003
> 4 request threads

Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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