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From Mark juszczec <>
Subject SOAPFaultException: Marshalling Error: class - java.lang.String unknown!?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 22:38:35 GMT
Hi folks

I'm using:

java 1.6
cxf 2.3.4
Spring 3.0.5 (came with cxf)

I've set up a factory using Spring.

I'm getting the following error:

   [show] org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault: Marshalling Error: class

nor any of its super class is known to this context. Marshalling Error: class

nor any of its super class is known to this context.

at org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsClientProxy.invoke(

at $Proxy102.getIRevUserRolesAndPerms(Unknown Source)

at demo.spring.client.Client.giveRolesAndPerms(

at _jsp._some__jsp._jspService(some.jsp:38)

at _jsp._some__jsp._jspService(

I think the problem is in the definition of the TransactionResponse object
I'm trying to return.  Its defined at the end of this email.

The problem started when I added

private ArrayList<Object[]>dataArray = new ArrayList();

and I suspect I need to annotate it, but I am unsure how.  Can anyone
suggest anything.

Additionally, I'm not sure how the TransactionResponse object worked in the
first place.  I've never had any of the fields annotated, but the problem
only started when I added dataArray.

   public class TransactionResponse implements Cloneable, Serializable{

 private UserHeader userHeader;

         private CommonStatus status;

 private ArrayList<Object> dataList = new ArrayList();

 private ArrayList<Object[]>dataArray = new ArrayList();

public ArrayList<Object[]> getDataArray() {

 return dataArray;


 public void setDataArray(ArrayList<Object[]> dataArray) {

 this.dataArray = dataArray;


 public TransactionResponse() {

 // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub


 public TransactionResponse(UserHeader u){



 public TransactionResponse(UserHeader u, CommonStatus cs){




 public TransactionResponse(UserHeader u, boolean sf, int rc, String mssg){


    status = new CommonStatus(sf, rc, mssg);


 public UserHeader getUserHeader() {

 return userHeader;


public void setUserHeader(UserHeader userHeader) {

 this.userHeader = userHeader;


public ArrayList<Object> getDataList() {

 return this.dataList;


public void setDataList(ArrayList<Object> data) {

 this.dataList = data;


 public CommonStatus getStatus() {

 return status;


public void setStatus(CommonStatus status) {

 this.status = status;



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