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Subject How to append file extent to end of path, before query parameters?
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2011 23:19:25 GMT
I'm currently using UriBuilder to generate a HATEOAS URL.  I need to be able to add a file
extent to the last component, before the query parameters.

For instance, if I would have generated "http://host:port/stuff/something?param=junk", I need
to instead make "http://host:port/stuff/something.extent?param=junk".

The last field in the URL is from a parameter value.  I figured out at least a way to do this,
which is to simply modify the value of the last parameter to append the extent to it, but
that seems pretty wonky.

I'd really like to call "getRawPath()" on the return from "build(xxx, xxx)", modify the result,
and then call "setRawPath()" (if such a method existed).

Is there a reasonable way to do this, or is my workaround the only way?

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