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From Steffen Schäffner <>
Subject AW: CXF and SOAP
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 06:44:12 GMT
If I send a message via soapUI without a header element, I always get the following answer
from the server:

      <TITLE>502 Bad Gateway</TITLE>
      <H1>502 Bad Gateway</H1>
      The CGI was not CGI/1.1 compliant.

If I add the element again, it works. With my CXF implementation I also have no header. I
checked this by wireshark.

I am not using Websphere.

Thank you!

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Betreff: RE: CXF and SOAP

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> From: Steffen Schäffner []
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> Subject: CXF and SOAP
> Hello there,
> I have some more questions about CXF.
> I am using CXF 2.4.0.
> 1.       If I don't use an authorization, no header will be added to
> the SOAP message. How can I change that? If no header is within, I will
> get an error from my server.

I assume you've confirmed this, not just guessing that you'll get an error?  The Soap schema
specifies that the header is optional, so a server that gives a specific error saying the
header is missing, is defective.

Years ago, I noticed that the Websphere web services infrastructure would throw an NPE if
a Soap header was not present.  Are you using Websphere on the server, by any chance?

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