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From "" <>
Subject Re: why JSONProviderTest.testReadQualifiedCollection()/testReadQualifiedArray() disabled?
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2011 09:14:45 GMT
The last paragraph of my previous email has actually nothign to do with 
the PathParam-XMLAdapter-fix, actually with the JSON-List-fix only. 
IntegerWrapper would have a XMLRootElement annotation, which cannot be 
declared to the Integer class directly, so this class can be used as 
root element of a REST request or REST response, or actually as list of 
such instances, which would solve my problem of transmitting a list of 
e.g. Integers over the wire, so sorry for any confusion.

> With this fix, I also want to handle the problem of transmitting e.g. an
> Integer over the network using SOAP or JSON, by defining the Integer to
> be the BoundType and a IntegerWrapper class to be the ValueType and a
> corresponding XmlAdapter converting between those, and by just using the
> annotation @XmlJavaTypeAdatper(IntegerAdapter.class) with a
> Integer-typed parameter. Thus I can easily transmit a Integer over the
> network - or with our previous fix a List of Integer. Of course
> IntegerWrapper would be a custom bean class of mine, but maybe CXF could
> include such classes and corresponding adapters for all primitive types
> and String.

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