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From Seumas Soltysik <>
Subject RE: Contents of JCA RAR
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 15:15:37 GMT
Thanks Dan,
There probably is not a good reason for building the RAR that way. I was just checking in
case I was missing something. 
Regarding JBI, our customers have no interest in using it and we do not package it with our
distribution anymore. However, we still have a few customers who are interested in the JCA

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From: Daniel Kulp [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:32 PM
Cc: Seumas Soltysik
Subject: Re: Contents of JCA RAR

On Wednesday 23 March 2011 12:27:58 PM Seumas Soltysik wrote:
> Why does the generate.rar target for the JCA samples pull the individual
> cxf libraries from the modules directory as opposed to simply including
> the cxf uber jar from the lib directory?

Honestly, I have no idea.   I don't think any of that stuff has been touched 
in years so I'm not sure if anyone would even remember why anymore.  :-)

In all honesty, I really haven't heard of anyone even really using the JCA 
stuff.   That and the JBI stuff are things I've been wondering why we still 
have in the CXF codebase (JBI stuff could likely just move to the appropriate 
SMX  JBI components).   I assume that if you're asking questions about it that 
means you are actually using it.   :-)

Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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