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From jaybytez <>
Subject How is the ?wsdl getting generated
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 22:28:16 GMT

Can i ask you how CXF creates the WSDL?

I am not putting a wsdl into my war and I am not doing anything through the
CXF Java APIs to expose a wsdl.

Does CXF scan my interface for annotations to produce the wsdl or is it
actually done by the app server?

If CXF does the scanning to offer up the wsdl, what happens if my SEI (with
the annotations) has dependency classes it uses internally that have
SEI...will it try and expose those service operations within the same wsdl?

So I want to know how does CXF know which specific SEI to scan for
annotations for producing the WSDL?

I put this in another posting, but I am trying to find out where the
solution is...fixing WebLogic, fixing the JDK through enforcing an endorsed
directory, or by generating the wsdl and including it within my war?

Thanks for your help!

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