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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Effect of an SSL-terminating proxy on autoRewriteSoapAddress
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 13:04:18 GMT
On 1/11/11 4:48 PM, Jim Talbut wrote:
> Willem,
> Quoting Willem Jiang <>:
>> On 1/11/11 5:02 AM, Jim Talbut wrote:
>>> I can't see any standard way for a java servlet to know that the
>>> original request was over https - given that the request it sees isn't.
>>> Our load balancer does add a few HTTP headers to the request, so if I
>>> could hook the WSDL response with my own code I could set the location
>>> correctly - but is that possible?
>> I think you can interceptor the WSDL query request in your load
>> balancer instead of delegate that request to CXF endpoints.
>> In this way, you can get the full control of the WSDL port address.
>> The only short coming I can see is you need to take care of the
>> services WSDL in you code.
> Unfortunately the load balancer is a hardware device, we have no ability
> to run our code on it :(.
>>> I think I'm stuck with declaring two CXF endpoints, an external one with
>>> a published URL and an internal one with autoRewriteSoapAddress.
>>> Anyone got any better ideas?
>> I don't think current CXF supports two address as you want.
> That surprises me.
> Can I not have (in spring) two jaxws:endpoint elements with the same
> implementor attribute?
Oh, my bad. I misunderstand your meaning.
You can do that, but you need to make sure your implementer is 
multi-thread safe.

> Jim
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