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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: CXF in Action
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 20:26:08 GMT

Here is my point of view:  (in bullets)

1) There are two fairly good books already available that can help beginners 
get over the hump and start working with CXF.   While not as "all encompasing" 
as a potential "in action" book written by the developers, they provide a very 
good starting point.

2) We do have "decent" documentation already.   I won't kid anyone and say 
it's great, but there is a lot of info there.   We also have a bunch of 
examples in the kits and such that go even furthur.

3) Writing a book takes a LOT of time.  I'd much rather spend my time actually 
working in the code and participating on this list and such.  I've been 
approached a couple time by various publisher about writing a book and it's 
just not something I WANT to spend my time doing.

4) You won't really make any money writing a book.  If I'm going to pretty 
much donate time doing what is essentially documentation, I might as well just 
update the official docs on our web site.   That information would then be 
available to everyone, not just the small number of people that would buy the 

Anyway, that is all my opinion.   If someone DID want to write a book, I would 
be more than happy to be a technical reviewer and would even be willing to 
help out writing some of the code examples or snippets and such.   However, 
it's just not something I would pursue myself. 


On Monday 13 December 2010 10:33:17 am Yiannis Mavroukakis wrote:
> If your main incentive to write a book is financial gain, then I agree with
> your comments. If, it's to pool all knowledge in one location then I have
> to disagree with you, and I believe that to be the case with most Apache
> projects. Take Camel for example, there's a lot of good information out
> there, but I still bought the book, and it had a boatload of useful
> information. You're also implying that most framework/tech writers are
> only in it for the money...
> Yiannis
> On 13 December 2010 15:19, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
> > There are already two or three books available with Apache CXF, several
> > more if you consider the broader category of JAX-WS / SOAP or REST web
> > services.
> > 
> > Perhaps a book is less indicated for CXF compared to other projects
> > because it implements specifications that are already defined elsewhere
> > and implemented on multiple projects as well.  Also, there are multiple
> > blogs on web services and we have pretty good online documentation, at
> > least compared to other projects that do have such books.
> > 
> > While Robert, being an author of multiple books himself, may be itching
> > himself to write another book--go to town, I say!--ultimately I have to
> > take issue with his premise that we "should" write a book.  Most books
> > are notorious money-losers, the time put in vs. money derived from it in
> > general is very poor.  People write books because they see it as a
> > mountain they want to climb, an additional accomplishment they wish to
> > have under their belt, something that gets them to avoid doing household
> > chores from their spouse--not for the negative financial benefits that
> > such books normally engender.  Absent any desire to climb that mountain,
> > it's best not to bother.  You can instead take a bunch of money out of
> > your savings account and burn it, as such an action would provide the
> > same financial effect of writing a book while taking far less time.
> > 
> > Glen
> > 
> > On 12/13/2010 09:35 AM, Craig Tataryn wrote:
> >> I would suggest an eBook only CXF In Action book as the amount of trees
> >> it would take to properly cover CXF might increase CO2 levels
> >> drastically at a global level :)
> >> 
> >> An authoritative reference manual would be great, I doubt though that
> >> any of the CXF committers could find the time to put the necessary
> >> energy and time into one, writing books is all consume from what I've
> >> heard.
> >> 
> >> Craig.
> >> 
> >> On 2010-12-13, at 8:25 AM, robert wrote:
> >>  Here is what is currently being done with "ActiveMQ in Action"...
> >>  
> >>>
> >>> 
> >>> I think the same (MEAP effort) could be down for a "CXF in Action".
> >>> 
> >>> -- Robert
> >>> 
> >>> On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 09:46:41 -0300, Juan Pablo Pizarro
> >>> 
> >>> <>  wrote:
> >>>> Me too!
> >>>> 
> >>>> 2010/12/13 Yiannis Mavroukakis<>
> >>>> 
> >>>>  Definitely. I'd buy.
> >>>>  
> >>>>> On 12 December 2010 03:28, robert<>  wrote:
> >>>>>  I think you guys should write a "CXF in Action" book... any plans
> >>>>>  for
> >>>>>  
> >>>>>> it?
> >>>>>> 
> >>>>>> -- Robert

Daniel Kulp

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