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Subject How to specify wsdlLocation for wsdl bundled in jar?
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:53:39 GMT
I'm trying to produce a "client" jar that includes my generated classes
and my wsdl and schema.

At the root of the jar file, where the "com" directory exists, I also
have a "contract" directory, that has a subdir that specifies a contract
version number.  In that directory is my wsdl and schemas.

In my call to "wsdl2java", I tried specifying

When I generate this and then run it in the container, I see this in the

    "Can not initialize the default wsdl from classpath:contract/..."

What should the "wsdlLocation" value be?  Do I just remove "classpath:"
from it?  I thought it had to be a URL, so that seems unlikely.

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