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From Schneider Christian <>
Subject AW: Fill element of type any without parsing the xml document in advance
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 09:29:10 GMT
Hi Oli,
I think the big question is if the any type is good choice for an arbitrary message. For example
the message could contain invalid xml that will make your whole webservice call invalid. So
I propose to either base 64 encode the original message or send it as a MTOM attachment. In
these cases you probably will not need to cope with a dom tree anyway.

The big disadvantage of course is that the resulting call is not nicely readable anymore.

Best Regards


Christian Schneider
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Von: Oliver Wulff [] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 12. November 2010 08:07
Betreff: Fill element of type any without parsing the xml document in advance

Hi all

A web service provider has deployed an interceptor which should log the incoming message in
a similar performant way as the logging interceptor but not into a file. Instead the incoming
message is sent as part of a web service call with other monitoring related information. The
message is passed as an any type.

I want to avoid that a DOM tree is created when filling the any type. I have to make a copy
of the message because the message is sent in a seperated thread (scheduler) to not block
processing of the incoming request.

I wanted to copy the stream into a string which can be read by the scheduler. But I haven't
found a way to write the xml content of the cached string into the xml any.

Any hints are highly appreciated.



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