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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject WSDL with ws-policy entries throwing an NPE at AbstractPolicyOperator's normalizeOperator
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 14:25:15 GMT
When I use a WSDL file with some ws-policy entries, I am getting an
NPE from my CXF client (2.2.9/10/11 and trunk).
I was wondering if there is some configuration issue or there is some
issue with the way how CXF uses neethi.

As I observed, both and lead to a call
policy.normalize(true), where policy is an instance of

And this method of Policy in neethi 2.0.4 calls another method with
the policy registry parameter set as null.

 48:    public PolicyComponent normalize(boolean deep) {
 49:        return normalize(null, deep);
 50:    }

This method subsequently calls AbstractPolicyOperator's
normalizeOperator. Since parameter reg is given as null, line 116 of
this method is throwing an NPE.

 77:    private static PolicyComponent
normalizeOperator(PolicyOperator operator, PolicyRegistry reg, boolean
deep) {
 79:        short type = operator.getType();
114:            } else if (policyComponent.getType() ==
Constants.TYPE_POLICY_REF) {
115:                String uri = ((PolicyReference) policyComponent).getURI();
116:                policyComponent = reg.lookup(uri);

Can someone give an advice here how to solve this problem without
modifying the WSDL?

Regards, aki

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