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From Martin Renner <>
Subject MTOM + Outbound streaming from a database
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:48:18 GMT

I have a problem with streaming LOB data from a database via CXF+MTOM to a client. It is not
CXF-specific problem, but rather a conceptual problem.

I wrote an implementation of javax.activation.DataSource, which simply returns an InputStream
it has received via its constructor. The code in my service implementation logic looks like

    InputStream data = lobHandler.getBlobAsBinaryStream(resultSet, "data");
    result.setData(new DataHandler(new StreamDataSource(data, fileName, mimeType));

I think you get the idea: "data" is an InputStream which receives its data directly from the
ResultSet. "StreamDataSource" uses this InputStream and passes it to the activation framework.
idea behind this code: Streaming directly from LOBs to the client.

In practice I am facing a problem: Right now, I am closing the ResultSet, the Statement and
Connection somewhere in my service implementation (shortly after the code I have cited above).
However, CXF starts streaming only when I have left the implementation of the service interface.
tries to use this InputStream (which originates from the ResultSet) in its outgoing chain
in the
AttachmentOutInterceptor - *after* having executed the service implementation. The consequence
that CXF cannot stream the data to the client, because the underlying InputStream from the
throws an exception, that the ResultSet has been closed already.

Do you have any suggestions for this problem?

One solution could be to stream the LOB data to a temporary file, close the ResultSet and
and return the InputStream of this file to CXF. Then, I would have to write a servlet filter
(or an
CXF interceptor) which would ultimately delete this temporary file. Tradeoff of this solution:
performance penalty.

Another solution could be to close the ResultSet, Statement and Connection after CXF has streamed
the data. Somewhere in a servlet filter or an CXF interceptor. But that would mean that I
would have
to stuff those three objects into "something" (ThreadLocal?) where they would be protected
garbage collection and accessible to the interceptor or filter. Not really beautiful.

What do you think about this problem?


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