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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Help Beginner Access Service Methods
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 22:17:57 GMT

Make sure your framework is correct for creating a SOAP client first (Ant or
Maven, if you can use the latter, great):

(In Step #6 at the link above, check the ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, that
will help you change the endpoint URL if you need to.)

To find out what's going out over the wire, Wireshark can help:

Worst case, you can debug your SOAP client with Eclipse as follows:

The holder issue I'm less certain on, you may be able to turn on/off its
appearance by using "enableWrapperStyle" -- search for that term on this
page for more info:

Finally, switching between Metro and CXF, especially if you're using Maven,
is very simple--see the link I gave at the top for more info--you may wish
to try Metro to see if you get a different error message to determine the


Rich-93 wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been "using" Axis2 to run a soap service for a webapp in my 
> company. I use quotation marks around using because Axis2 is being very 
> fickle and at the moment none of us can figure out how to get it to 
> respond to soap requests after we made a patch to our code. Anyway, I 
> decided maybe Axis2 is too much of a hassle for what is otherwise a 
> small and simple part of our overall webapp.
> I've been trying to transfer over to CXF, and at this point I want to 
> make sure I can get a reasonable SOAP response before I even bother 
> implementing another SOAP service again. Our service is created 
> wsdl-first, and I used wsdl2java from CXF to generate the java code. I 
> then wrote up a simple implementation of the service class that 
> shouldn't do much other than return a  couple values.
> The issue I'm having is making a request to any of these methods. I'm 
> just running the generated SOAP_server java class at this point. The 
> address is bound as such, String address = "http://localhost:8081/"; 
> I am able to access my wsdl via http://localhost:8081/mloyalty?wsdl, but 
> when I send valid requests to http://localhost:8081/mloyalty I get a 
> fault back and the logger reports:
> WARNING: Interceptor for 
> {}MloyaltyImplService#{}MagicPoint

> has thrown exception, unwinding now
> org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault
>  From what I was able to dig up in searches, this type of exception most 
> likely means I have the wrong endpoint URL for the request. Can anyone 
> help me here?
> Also, I initially ran into issues with the Holder class 
> IllegalAccessError related to Const. This seems to be a typical problem, 
> and I included the CXF lib jars in the classpath to solve it. I'm not 
> sure the exact jar that solved this though, if anyone knows the exact 
> jar that fixes this I'd like to simplify the classpath down to just the 
> necessities. One more question related to the Holder... in Axis2 the 
> service methods had return types that were Response objects. I noticed 
> CXF made the methods void, however it made method parameters for the 
> output fields of the response all of type Holder, are these somehow 
> passed by reference across the network so a client can read the values, 
> or how exactly is that supposed to work?
> Thanks,
> Rich

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