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From gbauer <>
Subject RE: Using JMX to start and stop web services
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:13:16 GMT


Sorry for omitting important information, I was in a rush yesterday. I am
using CXF v2.2.9 and JaxWs as frontend. I create the endpoints by using
Spring and I deploy the application as war on a tomcat6 servlet container.
My configuration is pretty similar to the example configuration on the CXF
homepage (my web.xml[1] and beans.xml[2]).

I had a look at your testcase and it worked as one would expect.
Nevertheless when I stop and start my endpoint by using JMX, I cannot access
it even though getState returns "STARTED" again. It is not listed under
"Available SOAP services" when I access the servlet by using my browser and
every attempt to connect to the service results in "HTTP response '404: Not

I managed to achieve a workaround by using Tomcat's JMX interface and
calling reload() in the Catalina/WebModule branch. However, I am not sure
about the side effects of this operation and still wondering if it is
possible to restart a single endpoint without reloading the whole webmodule.

Kind regards,


dvaleri wrote:
> Which type of service are you trying to control (what frontend) and what
> version of CXF are you using?
> This JIRA ticket[1] dealt with similar functionality; however, the tests
> may
> not actually cover checking if the service is listening again and may only
> check that the JMX state is correct.  See [2]
> for an example that uses JMX to control a published endpoint from the
> frontend.
> [1] 
> [2]
> ava/org/apache/cxf/systest/management/
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> From: gbauer [] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2010 11:44 AM
> To:
> Subject: Using JMX to start and stop web services
> Hello!
> I want to use JMX to temporarily disable an endpoint and enable it
> afterwards. I managed to configure JMX according to
> and I am able to stop the
> service by using the stop-method available in the jmx console (as seen on
> one screenshot in the link above). However, if i want to restart the
> service
> using start(), the endpoint doesn't seem to get republished.
> Is this a bug or did I miss something (which would be quite likely since
> im
> fairly new to CXF)?
> King regards and
> TIA,
> Gernot
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