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From Ronald Pieterse <>
Subject Re: Response object is null
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 09:24:01 GMT

Hi Dan,

I got it working! It turned out to be as simple as giving all the webresults
the same name ('response') and in case of an exception I wrap the response
with an extra 
wrapper class also called 'response'.
Now all the messages arrive in the same format at the client - whether they
originated as exception or normal response.

The only thing I struggled with (and I'm still not happy with the solution)
is the way I had to get the extra wrapper in my schema.
Probably since it is not directly used in one of my calls it is not
appearing in my schema. So now I created a dummy call to force it to show.
This feels a bit like a hack and now I have a call that does nothing. Is
there a way to force the appearance of the object in my schema by itself?

dkulp wrote:
> You may need to debug into the CXF code to figure out what is going on for 
> this.   I'm not really sure without a full example.    In particular, look
> at 
> the WrapperClassOutInterceptor and the WrappedOutInterceptor.    With
> frontend, the first interceptor above should take your object and wrapper
> it 
> with a new (possibly generated in memory) JAXB object that would handle
> the 
> wrapper element.  Non-jaxws would fall into WrappedOutInterceptor to force
> it.
> Dan

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