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From dmichel <>
Subject Ant: No suitable relative path ...
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 12:55:01 GMT

Hi All,

I get a funny error message when trying to compile my app with ant depending
on where I put the apache-cxf home directory... It appears to be quite
random where some location works and others don't without any apparent
reason to me.

After doing setting the CXF_HOME env. var

export CXF_HOME=/home/mypath/trunk/apache-cxf-2.2.7/

when it doesn't work I get this message from Ant:

/home/mypath/trunk/external/server/archive/build.xml:141: No suitable
relative path from /home/mypath/trunk/external/server/archive to

if I move apache-cxf-2.2.7 to /home/mypath/trunk/external/, then it works...
but not if it's in /home/mypath/trunk/resources/

what's that all about ? very consufed. Any idea ?


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