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From Brandon Richins <>
Subject Add an AppliesTo header to outbound STS message
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 23:44:16 GMT

I am trying out some of the WS-Trust features of CXF and got stumped when I tried to have
an AppliesTo section automatically added to my RST WS-Trust request.  I'm wondering if it's
possible to add the AppliesTo header without having to manually massage the STS client inside
my client code.  I've done the ws-security examples from the recent IBM DeveloperWorks series
and run the ws-trust samples included in the CXF distro but was trying to take this just a
little bit further.  Should I move away from the configuration route and try the template
or STS in the Java clinet?  Any suggestions or pointers would be great.  My cxf.xml configuration
is below.

<beans xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
   xmlns:http="" xmlns:jaxws=""
   xmlns:p="" xmlns:sec=""

         <p:policies />
         <cxf:logging />
   <p:externalAttachment location="classpath:/sts.policy.xml" />

   <jaxws:client name="{FooService}FooServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint" createdFromAPI="true">
         <entry key="ws-security.sts.client">
            <!-- direct STSClient config and creation -->
            <bean class="">
               <constructor-arg ref="cxf" />
               <property name="wsdlLocation"
               <property name="serviceName" value="{}SecurityTokenService"
               <property name="endpointName" value="{}RequestSecurityToken"
               <property name="properties">
                     <entry key="ws-security.username" value="scott" />
                     <entry key="ws-security.password" value="tiger" />

Thanks in advance.

Brandon Richins

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