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From Bruno Melloni <>
Subject Service authentication credentials
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:20:20 GMT
I am trying to access a Microsoft-developed service that requires authentication.  Being Microsoft,
they do not document anything at the web service level since they want you to use Visual Studio
which creates a .NET proxy that is capable of using NTLM to supply the username/password to
the underlying web service.  I *think* that they are following web services standards for
the underlying web service.

Of course, I am trying to use a CXF client to access the underlying web service from Java.
 I used wsdl2java to generate the java classes, but I see no credentials-related information
(which you do see in the .NET proxy).  That makes me suspect that they must be in the stored
in the SOAP headers and that in CXF we access them in a different way. 

I could use any clues on how to:

a) Figure out how authentication is being done for this web service.

b) Figure out how to provide the credentials to the web service when called.  I am using the
Spring approach to get the CXF client proxy and my current configuration looks like:

  <jaxws:client id="gpClient" address="http://myServer.myDomain/DynamicsGPWebServices/DynamicsGPService.asmx"

Needless to say, my experience with CXF is not too deep (created and called a few services
via the Spring method - the simplest), and my knowledge of web services authentication is
zero.  Unfortunately CXF's documentation isn't very helpful for someone at my stage of learning
CXF.  I'll appreciate any help I can get.

I tried to attach a copy of the WSDL for the service that I'm trying to access, but it exceeds
the size limits for this mailing list.

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