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From Coder One <>
Subject Re: "MustUnderstand headers:"
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 06:24:38 GMT does not work with HTTP.   What's the best way to ignore headers?

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From: Coder One <>
Sent: Thu, March 4, 2010 3:05:18 PM
Subject: Re: "MustUnderstand headers:"

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I ran into the same problem with CXF 2.2.5.

The below SOAP extracts worked fine with regular HTTP transport, but not with our custom transport.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <Action s:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns="
addressing/none" />
We get the 
MustUnderstand headers: [{}To, {}Action]
are not understood.

does the default http transport configure some interceptor (MustUnderstandInterceptor?) that
we also must configure?  Can we look up an example somewhere?


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From: Daniel Kulp <>
Cc: Andris <>
Sent: Mon, March 1, 2010 6:54:44 PM
Subject: Re: "MustUnderstand headers:"

This SOUNDS like the server side is missing the WS-Security and/or the WS-
Policy stuff.  Check the war to see what jars are there.    

Also, you don't mention what version of CXF you are using.  I assume 2.2.6?


On Mon March 1 2010 1:28:19 pm Andris wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am new in CXF but I have a rather good practice in Axis2 (and in Metro
> over Tomcat).
> I developed a Sping-based CXF secure web service using wsdl-first mode. The
> ws-policy applied is symmetric binding and only signature is declared.  The
> wsdl and the cxf-servlet.xml are attached.
> Testing my service the client program is failed with a very tricky message:
> "Could not find Reference #_5004 under Signature with ID_1". Using the tcp
> monitor trace I stated the "#_5004" identifies the response-body to be
> signed. The trace shows an almost complete response; the timestamp and the
> body are referenced for signing, the signature is generated, etc.
> But the body of the response contains a fault message:
>  <faultcode>soap:MustUnderstand</faultcode>
>  <faultstring>MustUnderstand headers:
> [{
> -1.0.xsd}Security] are not understood.</faultstring>
> The server (before generating the soap-fault) gives a warning:
> WARNING: Interceptor for
> {}Echo#{}echo has thrown
> exception, unwinding now
> What is wrong in my code or what should I modify in my program?
> Any help is highly appreciated!
>  A.
> Echo.wsdl
> cxf-servlet.xml

Daniel Kulp


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