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From "Nate Woody" <>
Subject Lag in service creation
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:46:55 GMT
I'm running an cxf-2.2.4 client against a .NET service located in NY.
Some customers running Mac 10.6 in Germany are seeing a massive lag in
talking to the service and I've managed to narrow it down to the service
creation.  It only appears to happen the first time the client
constructs the service, subsequent service constructions don't lag.
Here's the basic code:

(StubService is a object created by WSDLTojava)


"Starting cert config");

          StubService service = new StubService();

"Created service");

          hpc = service.getFactoryPortType();

"Retrieved port");

          Client client =

"configuring logging interceptors");

          client.getOutInterceptors().add(new LoggingOutInterceptor());

          client.getInInterceptors().add(new LoggingInInterceptor());



There is almost a 5 minute lag executing the Service constructor and the
getFactoryPortType the first invocation:

[2010-03-31 20:51:37,034] INFO  Mediator(main) - Starting cert config

[2010-03-31 20:58:26,040] INFO  Mediator(main) - Created service

[2010-03-31 20:58:26,048] INFO  ReflectionServiceFactoryBean(main) -
Creating Service {service} from WSDL:

[2010-03-31 21:05:13,889] INFO  Mediator(main) - Retrieved port

[2010-03-31 21:05:13,889] INFO  Mediator(main) - configuring logging


However, subsequent calls occur right away:

[2010-03-31 21:05:16,255] INFO  Mediator(main) - Starting certHPC config

[2010-03-31 21:05:16,255] INFO  Mediator(main) - Created service

[2010-03-31 21:05:16,256] INFO  ReflectionServiceFactoryBean(main) -
Creating Service {service} from WSDL:

[2010-03-31 21:05:16,319] INFO  Mediator(main) - Retrieved port

[2010-03-31 21:05:16,320] INFO  Mediator(main) - configuring logging


My only thought is that there is some network problems in retrieving the
wsdl and associated xsds, though they don't see any problems if they
access the wsdl from a browser or wget.  I can't duplicate the problem
on any of my systems and I haven't yet sent them a build that contains
the wsdl locally to completely remove the network communication.  Is
there anything else going on in here that could be causing problems?  Is
cxf (or friends) doing something smart with the WSDL that explains why I
only seem to see the lag the first time the service object is






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