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From DmitryM <>
Subject Re: Unmarshal WebApplicationException Response JSON entity
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 17:37:32 GMT

Sergey, thanks a lot for your response.

Sergey Beryozkin-5 wrote:
> I guess what you really would like to do is to write some simple
> Jettison-specific code to be used inside of your exception mapper which
> will
> use a statically allocated JAXBContext (for your exception data bean) to
> get
> an Unmarshaller and then use it to read from a basic XMLStreamReader
> created
> by Jettison, please have a look at JSOnProvider.readFrom, 2/3 lines of
> code
> can be found there showing how to create a basic JSON-aware reader

I took a look into the JSONProvider source code.
To me it doesn't really look as a 2-3 lines of code.
There is actually a whole bunch of methods to create context, unmarshaller
(it's inherited from the AbstractJaxbProvider), then create xml stream
reader and so on and on and on.
If I go this way my code would not be as simple as it's now.

I guess, I will stick to 1-line JSONProvider call (though ugly but not
really making me copy-paste the CXF code which is already available via that
readFrom call).

Anyway, thank a lot for all the help.
It was really useful.

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