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From Daniel Bimschas <>
Subject Re: Minimum set of CXF OSGi bundles required for JAX-WS
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 22:39:49 GMT
Hmm. Do you know how I would register my service instance with the JAX-WS implementation? Could
I do that over the service registry or by calling some API methods of one of these bundles?


Am 01.02.2010 um 23:36 schrieb Daniel Kulp:

> On Mon February 1 2010 5:33:33 pm Daniel Bimschas wrote:
>> Dan,
>> thank you. Do I correctly understand that the jars listed in that file are
>> not yet necessarily OSGi compliant bundles? Or are they?
> Not all of them are, no.  You would need to check the equivalent bundle for 
> which each of those jars should have one.
> Dan
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
>> Am 01.02.2010 um 21:35 schrieb Daniel Kulp:
>>> I don't think we have a minimum list for OSGi yet.   You could probably
>>> start with the information in:
>>> and go from there.   Any updates to that file to support OSGi use cases
>>> would be a great help or even updates for the wiki.
>>> Dan
>>> On Sat January 30 2010 1:58:32 pm Daniel Bimschas wrote:
>>>> Hi list,
>>>> I have an OSGi based application that now has to provide web services,
>>>> preferably using JAX-WS annotations. Unfortunately the JVM-included RI
>>>> is not OSGi-aware and therefore I need to use 3rd party libs.
>>>> I've already worked with DOSGi, namely the single bundle distribution,
>>>> in another project, which worked fine. Now, in my current project I
>>>> already have a set of bundles that implement services also provided by
>>>> the DOSGi single bundle distribution. Because of that it comes to
>>>> "collisions", e.g. of two servlet containers starting in the same VM and
>>>> ports. Furthermore it uses more memory which is an issue for me.
>>>> Now, my question is: Which is the minimal set of (CXF) OSGi bundles
>>>> (e.g. from the DOSGi multi-bundle distribution) that need to be deployed
>>>> into an OSGi runtime environment in order to run JAX-WS based web
>>>> services?
>>>> Thanks and kind regards,
>>>> Daniel
>>>> P.S.: I can imagine that this is a question many developers ask
>>>> themselves. Therefore, I think that adding such information to the
>>>> documentation would be great. Also questions like "which bundles do I
>>>> need for JAX-RS, JAX-XXX, ..." would be interesting. I searched but I
>>>> couldn't find. If there is I would be happy to be pointed to!
> -- 
> Daniel Kulp

M.Sc. Daniel Bimschas
Institute of Telematics, University of Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23538 Lübeck, Germany
Phone: +49 451 500 5389

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