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From Bob Allison <>
Subject Path Oddity with UriInfo
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 16:59:03 GMT
I have a JAX-RS application that I am deploying in Tomcat 6 using the 
CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet servlet class.  The application deploys at context 
"/app", the servlet is mapped to "/v1/*" and has a single resource mapped to 
"/{path:.*}".  The resource gets a UriInfo object injected.

Right now, the resource simply displays UriInfo.getBaseUri and the path 
parameter.  I am using a browser to access the resource.  When I deploy the 
application, I access the following URIs (in order):

URI          | getBaseUri          | path param
/app/v1      | http://host/        | "v1"
/app/v1/     | http://host/        | "v1/"
/app/v1/test | http://host/app/v1/ | "test"
/app/v1/     | http://host/app/v1/ | ""
/app/v1      | http://host/app/v1/ | "app/v1"

Am I doing something wrong?

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