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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject RE: DISTRIBUTED OGSi / REST : HTTP 404 on greetMe example
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 17:49:37 GMT
Sorry for the noise, it should be

GET http://localhost:9090/greeter/greeter/greeting/Fred
GET http://localhost:9091/greeter2/greeter/greeting/Fred

I'll probably update for 1.2 for more readable URIs be supported


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From: Sergey Beryozkin [] 
Sent: 17 December 2009 17:40
To:; moviephile
Subject: RE: DISTRIBUTED OGSi / REST : HTTP 404 on greetMe example


According to,

one endpoint is published at http://localhost:9090/greeter and the other one (which does not
depend on JAX-RS annotations) is at http://localhost:9091/greeter2

Also, the actual interface

is somewhat primitive in that it expects the name be embedded in the URI path component (not
in the query), so if you do

GET http://localhost:9090/greeter/greeting/Fred
GET http://localhost:9091/greeter2/greeting/Fred

Then you should get the result back.
Additionally, you can run the greeter_rest client the same way you can do it for a greeter
demo, the only diff is that the greeter_rest client opens two panels, one for each endpoint

Hope it helps, Sergey   

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From: moviephile [] 
Sent: 17 December 2009 17:15
Subject: DISTRIBUTED OGSi / REST : HTTP 404 on greetMe example


After having sucessfully installed these bundles from this CXF home page :
[ACTIVE]  CXF Distributed OSGi Greeter Rest Demo Interface Bundle (1.2.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ACTIVE]  Distributed OSGi Greeter Demo Service Rest Implementation Bundle (1.2.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ACTIVE]  CXF Distributed OSGi Greeter Rest Demo Client Bundle (1.2.0.SNAPSHOT)
Question : (I know about SOAP but I'm not familiar with REST...)

How should I invoke HTTP GET requests in order to TEST this greeter_rest service ??
=> I have tried with no success (HTTP 404) URIs like this : http://localhost:9090/greeter/greeting?name=test
Any help will be very appreciated,

With thanks,
Best regards.

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