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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: CXF asynchronous Example
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 07:02:42 GMT

what exactly do you want to do? There are two kinds of asynchronous 
services. First there are one way services. In this case you only send 
information to the server and do not expect it to return anything. In 
this case you can configure cxf to return directly after the send 
without waiting for the server to process the information. Services that 
only define an outgoing message for an operation by default directly 
retrurn without waiting for the server to finish. The wsdl_first example 
has one method updateCustomer that shows this.

The way is calling a request / reply service in an asynchronous way. You 
call the service with a method that takes the information you want to 
send to the service and a callback class that is called when the reply 
comes in. For this case you can tune the wsdl_first example. In the file 
binding.xml you can uncomment the line 
<jaxws:enableAsyncMapping>true</jaxws:enableAsyncMapping>. This causes 
the codegen plugin to also generate code for the asynchronous syntax 
like described above.

You should also take a look at: The section 
Asynchronous invocation Model shows how to do async calls.



Nguyen Tien Luong schrieb:
>     Hi everybody,
> I'm new in the community of CXF.
> I acctually work on a project of Asynchronous WebServices.
> So if someone who have an example of code which illustre the asynchronous of CXF, please
let me know.
> It will be perfect if example uses JMS as transporting layer.
> I appriciate it.
> Luong ( from France :-) )
> =========================================================================
> NGUYEN Tien Luong                    |                    M2PGI - UFRIMAG         
> 13 Rue Blanche MONIER                |               Tel :
> 38000 Grenoble FRANCE                |    

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