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From vickatvuuch <>
Subject Re: JAX-RS : initial WADL support
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 15:29:24 GMT

Was about to post a new entry on WADL when noticed this hot post..
I'm debugging a bug in the WADL generator, which results in extra slash /
in the Url and once loaded into soap UI make it not executable unless 
url is fixed up by hand.
Here is my config:

<jaxrs:server address="/v1/rest/Foo">

The Impl:
public class FooWServiceImpl


This results in WADL with a Url such as: /services/v1/rest/Foo//execute

Notice extra slash after Foo.

Wonder if anyone already seen this or if there is something wrong with the
way I annotated it?


Sergey Beryozkin-2 wrote:
> Hi
> CXF JAX-RS now supports the auto-generation of WADL for JAX-RS endpoints
> (trunk, 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT).
> The whole tree/graph will be described in a generated instance. Note that
> JAX-RS subresources are supposed to be late-resolved, so I'd recommend
> using annotated interfaces for subresources and an
> enableStaticResolution=true property. At the moment I've decided to stay
> away from from supporting WADl for those subresources whicg are resolved
> late - will be very easy to support if really needed. Schemas will be
> generated for JAXB-annotated types.
> I'd appreciate if users could experiment a bit with the latest SNAPSHOTS
> and provide the feedback and help us to improve whatever we have in time
> for 2.2.3. I don't think WADL support in 2.2.3 will be perfect but we'll
> try our best to polish it in 2.3.
> I also do believe there's a practical advantage in us eventually
> supporting WSDL2 in some form (meaning the typed server code generation at
> least which is something we can't do with WADL, as well as supporting
> those users who are working with proxy-based client api) but I can't
> confirm at this stage when exactly we will do WSDL2. 
> WADL instances for RESTful endpoints are available from {base endpoint
> address}/services, in addition to SOAP endpoints if any.
> Note that you can override the location at which listings are provided (in
> case you'd like '/services' be available to your resources) using
> 'service-list-path'  parameter, ex :
> 'service-list-path' = '/listings'
> So please give it a try and let us know what you think
> thanks, Sergey

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