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From vickatvuuch <>
Subject Re: Helper for copying values between database and response object
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 21:46:42 GMT

This might work, only remember that versioning is a problem as the moment
that your domain class chages that will get exposed to the world and
ultimately can break many clients..
What I did in this case was making WS layer wrapper classes which provide a
JAXB compliant facade  while shuttling data in and out of the domain object,
which seem to work well and I can version my public exposure. 

dkulp wrote:
> Well, I guess the "normal" way to accomplish this is to make the hibernate
> and 
> jaxb objects to be one in the same.   Basically, don't generate them from
> the 
> xsd.   Add the JAXB annotations (use the generated objects as examples) to
> all 
> the hibernate objects so you can just return them directly.    Not sure
> how 
> well your hibernate objects map to the jaxb/xsd model.   If they are 1:1,
> that 
> might work well.
> Dan
> On Tue November 24 2009 1:57:54 pm Ralf Heydenreich wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm using CXF for a short time. The task is to read some data from
>> database
>>  (using Hibernate) and sending them over a webservice. Now the question
>> is
>>  if there is a convenient way to convert the entities from the database
>>  (which I got through Hibernate) to the corresponding web service
>> entities
>>  (which I've generated from XSDs). Since there are some nested properties
>>  (which are in turn Lists) it is not so easy to convert the entities "by
>>  hand". I found Springs BeanUtils class which does the basic function for
>>  copying some properties. Or is there a completely different approach for
>>  this?
>> TIA,
>> Ralf.
>> --
> -- 
> Daniel Kulp

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