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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: DynamicClientFactory :: Reused previously compiled classes
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 17:30:37 GMT
On Thu December 17 2009 1:04:43 pm Kevin Conaway wrote:
> Currently, the DynamicClientFactory will compile all classes in a new
>  folder each time it reads a given WSDL.  Since this folder is based off of
>  the current timestamp, the folder ends up being different every time.
> In our case, we end up reading the same few WSDLs over and over again.  It
> would be very useful to have the compiled classes be placed in a folder
>  that is somehow connected to the WSDL the DynamicClientFactory is
>  currently reading such that successive reads of the WSDL do not end up
>  recompiling the classes.
> Does this sound reasonable? If so, I'm happy to create an issue and jira
>  and submit a patch.

It definitely sounds reasonable and a patch would be welcome.

That said, have you considered just creating the Client object once and re-
using it as a singleton?    Would avoid reparsing the wsdl and such over and 
over as well.   


> Sincerely,
> Kevin Conaway

Daniel Kulp

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