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From Alexandros Karypidis <>
Subject Re: WS-Security field level encryption pass through
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 14:53:44 GMT
FIY I also needed to implement this and have nearly got it working.

The key to cracking the solution was to:

1. Use @WebServiceProvider to implement the receiving endpoint -- the 
JAXB bindings won't work if the message is not processed (especially if 
encryption is used), so you'll need to work with the XML.

2. Convince CXF that WS-Security headers were "understood", even though 
the receiving endpoint was not using the WSS4JInInterceptor.

I managed to achieve (2) using my WSSPassThroughInterceptor which I 
posted here:

Hope this helps you solve your case.

P.S. BTW, I use Camel to inject a "middle-man" before routing the 
message to the ultimate destination, but depending on your use-case, you 
might make do with simply using CXF interceptors.

Daniel Kulp wrote:
> On Mon November 16 2009 12:49:07 pm Howard Points wrote:
>> We have a DataPower appliance sitting in front of our web service and
>> encrypting a single field in the SOAP request. This is passed into our web
>> service. We just want to pass through the encrypted field to a down line
>> another web service call. We do not want to decrypt the value in the middle
>> web service (for PCI compliance reasons). Is there a way to do this in CxF?
> I guess there isn't enough details to answer the question.   Obviously, you 
> could just disable the security stuff and then CXF would leave everything 
> alone.   Do you need SOME stuff processed but other things left alone?    I'm 
> not sure if that's doable.   I THINK wss4j will just process the entire 
> security header.  Maybe some interceptor that strips some entries out of the 
> security header.  Not really sure.   :-(
> Dan
>> Thanks
>> Howard

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