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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Calling SOAP Services via Axis1/2 from within OSGi bundle
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 02:15:03 GMT

CXF is COMPLETELY separate from Axis and Axis2.   While Axis2 and CXF share 
some libraries (like wss4j, neethi, etc..), the underlying SOAP processing are 
completely different code bases. 

I PERSONALLY recommend migrating the applications to CXF, but I can definitely 
understand why that's not an option.   But you would need to post this to the 
Axis2 lists.    The WSO2 folks could probably help you as they've done a lot 
of osgi stuff with Axis2 for their products.


On Thu November 5 2009 3:36:51 pm Chris Blunck wrote:
> Hello-
> I have some code that relies on an Axis generated client to call a SOAP web
> service.  I'm interested in migrating that client to an OSGi bundle.  I
> thought this would be a pretty trivial process but I've become entangled in
> OSGi's dependency management and packages.
> I'm working with Felix 2.0.1 and Axis2 (although this happens with Axis1 as
> well).
> I'm posing this question to the CXF community because the "Distributed
>  OSGi" section of the CXF website advertises:
> It implements RFC 119 using Web Services, leveraging SOAP over HTTP and
> exposing the Service over a WSDL contract. Starting from 1.1-SNAPSHOT, Java
> interfaces can also be exposed and consumed as RESTful JAX-RS services.
> From my preliminary reading it appears as though CXF allows services to
>  call one another using SOAP as a transport.  Given how embedded Axis is
>  with the rest of the CXF project my instinct tells me that the Distributed
>  OSGi folks have used Axis as their SOAP client and server implementation.
> The problems I've hit with Axis and Felix is that I can't bundle up all the
> dependent JARs and put together an Import-Package statement that will
> actually work and allow the client classes in my bundle to use Axis
> properly.
> Given that the CXF folks have presumably done this I'm very interested in
> understanding their approach and how they accomplished rolling up Axis into
> an OSGi bundle that can be used from within Felix.
> PS - I'm using Maven (including the bundle plugin, which just calls bnd).
> My apologies if this was sent to the incorrect list.
> -c

Daniel Kulp

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