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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject Re: Servicemix 4, DOSGi, and Zookeeper
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 15:32:03 GMT

This is really a Fuse support issue, so you're right in posting it on the
fusesource forums.
I guess in general, the best way to approach something like this is by
taking individual bundles from the multi-bundle distro's (as you've done).
Start with root bundles and cxf-dosgi-ri-dsw-cxf and
cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed and see if you can fill the gaps with
other bundles that are part of the multi bundle distro.



2009/9/28 warrior389 <>

> This is cross posted from
> I can't get DOSGi working in FUSE.  I'm trying to get CXF's DOSGi
> 1.1-SNAPSHOT with Zookeeper discovery onto FUSE  I'm also using
> Zookeepr 3.2.1.
> Everything works perfectly on Felix 2.0.0.  I just follow the instructions
> on the  [DOSGi Discovery|]  page
> and then install the  [Discovery
> Demo|]  bundles.  For
> DOSGi, I just use the
> [cxf-dosgi-ri-singlebundle-distribution-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar|
> ]
> for DSW and
> [cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-singlebundle-distribution-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar|
> ]
> for zookeepr discovery.  Then when I start the sample bundles with the
> sample service impl on one machine, I see the node creation in zookeeper.
> Then I start the sample client on another machine and I see the output on
> the service machine.  Works great.  I do have an warning about an xml error
> being ignored because some XSD coudln't be found, but it doesn't seem to
> affect anything. Oh, I also have to install the OSGi compendium bundle
> first.
> When I move to Fuse, I have no such luck.  The OSGi compendium bundle comes
> with fuse, so no need to install that.  I should just be able to install
> the
> dosgi-ri singlebundle, and the dosgi-ri-discovery single bundle, but that
> doesn't work.  The dosgi-ri singlebundle has all kinds of overlapping
> bundles with servicemix.  I get an error about port 8181 or whatever the
> osgi.http.service parameter is, being already in use.  Apparently the
> dosgi-ri singlebundle comes with pax webservice, which reads the same
> property as the servicemix http service bundle that comes with servicemix.
> Thats when I switch to the
> [|
> ]
> and unzip it to take the parts I want.  I take the dsw bundle out of the
> dosgi-ri multibundle and install that.  No luck because of the jdom
> dependency.  Then I install the jdom that comes in the ri multibundle,
> which
> works fine.  Then go back to dsw, and that installs, so I think i'm getting
> somewhere.  Time to go back and install the ri-discovery singlebundle.
>  When
> I start that I get a pax logging service classcastexception saying it can't
> be cast to a osgi logservice or something.  But thats just a logging error,
> and at the bottom it says it can't find the transport class for
>  Ok, so logging is screwed up and
> I'm
> missing some transport class.  Well, clearly this comes from not installing
> enough from the ri multibundle because it worked on felix.  So what else in
> there is necessary.  The cxf-minimal-bundle upon inspection has the missing
> class causing that last error.  So I install that.  Try to start the
> discovery bundle, but I end up with some kind of corbabroker exception.
> Wtf.  Whose using corba in all of this?  Then I go back and undo all of
> that
> and try to stick with the singlebundle distros of ri and ri-discovery, but
> just turn off the servicemix http service.  That crashes servicemix and I
> can't restart it becauuse the cxf jbi components end up with an unsatisfied
> dependency.  Odd.  I'll just ignore that because I don't use those anyway,
> and try to start my samples.  Can't start the samples because it says jetty
> can't start because the ports already in use.  Doesn't make sense because I
> shutdown the servicemix http service already. Then I restart jetty.  Works?
> Maybe.  My service gets registered and I can browse to the wsdl using
> firefox, but no registration in zookeeper.  Try to shutdown the
> ri-discovery
> bundle and restart it, but I get a nullpointerexception.  Appparently the
> ri-discovery never actually started up due to one of the aforementioned
> errors.  Then I started trying to take apart the ri-discovery singlebundle
> and pull out the internals.  That didn't work because its all apparently
> necessary, even though theres some libs inside we could do without.
> End of the story.  Can't get it to work.  Can anybody else get it to work?
> I just want to run the discovery samples in SMX4.  I'm pretty sure its just
> a bundle conflict problem.  Isn't this what OSGi is supposed to fix???
>  This
> is worse than just telling me what jars you depend on and making me setup
> my
> classpath.  At least then I'd eventually get the thing running.
> My next steps, I think, will be to try again with the ri-multibundle, just
> the dsw and jdom, plus the ri-discovery singlebundle.  Then I'll try some
> of
> the cxf-fuse bundles or some of the cxf-rt bundles to get around the soap
> transport issue.
> --
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