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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: CXF 2.2.3 in RAD 7.5 (WebSphere 6.1 test server with Servlet 2.4)
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 21:25:49 GMT
On Fri September 18 2009 12:47:32 pm mule_user wrote:
> I am using all the jars that come with CXF 2.2.3 to deploy a very simple
> Hello World proof of concept type application. The application does not get
> deployed in WebSphere 6.1 test server that comes with RAD 7.5 that uses
> Servlet 2.4 specification.  I get the error below:
> Publishing failed
>     Deployment from had errors:
>       Tools for WebSphere V6.1 must be installed in order to generate
> WebSphere V6.1 compliant code.

This error sounds like the JAX-WS stuff built into WebSphere is trying to 
handle the deploy of stuff with @WebService annotations.    I think there is a 
setting someplace for the application to say "don't enable the jax-ws 
deployer" or similar.   Not having ever really run websphere, I'm not sure 
where it is.   


> Any suggestion on how to run ANY VERSION of CXF in WebSphere test server
>  6.1 will be appreciated.

Daniel Kulp

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