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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: SEI implementing java.rmi.Remote with jaxws
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 19:21:19 GMT

I just checked the JAXWS spec and I don't see any mention of the Remote stuff 
other than subclasses of RemoteException shouldn't be mapped.  Thus, I'd have 
no problem removing this restriction.   Feel free to log a JIRA and 
(preferrably) attach a patch.


On Thu September 10 2009 5:24:43 am wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a service implementation class that implements java.rmi.Remote.
> I have annotated this class with the @WebService annotation and I'm
> trying to use it as a web service with cxf.
> During the wsdl generation called with the java2wsdl ant task I
> receive the following error: "JAXWS SEI can not implement
> java.rmi.Remote interface." And the generation stops.
> If I simply deploy the webservice it seem to work nicely. The
> exception is raised by the JaxwsServiceBuilder class that seems to be
> invoked only during the WSDL creation and not at runtime.
> I did some research in the jsr181 latest maintenance release and I
> find this for the @WebService annotation:
> "The service endpoint interface MAY extend java.rmi.Remote either directly
>  or indirectly, but is not REQUIRED to do so."
> So in my opinion cxf should let SEI implement the java.rmi.Remote
>  interface. Can you confirm my hypothesis, if yes what is the fastest way
>  to
> workaround the problem when generating the WSDL while waiting for a fix?
> thanks
> Raffaele

Daniel Kulp

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