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From Gabo Manuel <>
Subject Re: JAX-RS : initial WADL support
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:29:04 GMT
Hi Sergey,

By looking at the generated WADL, how does one tell if there is an 
expected payload with the method involved. If I have the following 
annotated method:

    public long insert(
            Object ap,
            String transactionDescription

The wadl generated is as follows:
<resource path="/somepath/"><method 
name="transactionDescription" style="query" 
type="xs:string"/></request><response><!-- Primitive type : xs:long 
--><representation mediaType="text/xml"/></response></method></resource>

I am assuming the "<representation/>" is what should hint at it, but by 
just looking at the wadl, I am not able to tell which of the complexType 
described above in the wadl is to be used. Maybe replacing/modifying it 
to contain the name of the complexType would help.

I could be missing something from the user's guide. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not seeing an immediate need in it as I don't see what we actually 
> can do with this tool (I would actually prefer not to add 'wadl' in 
> the name of such would-be tool, rather I would have a single tool 
> capable of supporting multiple document types if needed).
> As I said before, the only thing we can do with WADL is to generate 
> client-side HTTP-centric code. But no typed server Java code.
> It may also may not be obvious what sort of http-centric code we can 
> generate given that at the WebClient level the notion of 'subresource' 
> is really non-existent, for ex :
> WebClient client = WebClient.create(http://bar);
> client.path("/foo/baz").get();
> client.path("/foo").path("baz").get();
> are two identical lines really. It's a server-side issue if /baz 
> should be handled by a subresource object or not.
> At the moment I can see how UI tool, possibly a web-based one would 
> utilize WADLs for testing/visualizing, but I'm not sure yet what we 
> would do with WADL at the code gen level, unless we introduce some 
> CXF-specifc wadl extensions....
> cheers, Sergey

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