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From Philippe Merle <>
Subject patchs for the client part of the jaxrs frontend
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:53:40 GMT

I am integrating the Apache CXF 2.2.3 jaxrs frontend into the FraSCAti 
platform (an SCA implementation).
During this work, I found some issues in the ClientProxyImpl class. See 
the attached patched ClientProxyImpl class and a diff file.

The patch in method setRequestHeaders() around line 255 is for the case 
a method is annotated with @Produces. I think that produce types if 
defined must be put in request headers else text/plain or 
application/xml must be put.

I am not sure but perhaps the loop in line 268 must be moved outside the 
if statement.

The patch in method handleForm() at line 354 deals with the case where 
the type of parameters is not String, e.g. an Integer, a Char, etc.

The last patch in method doChainedInvocation() at line 398 calls the 
handleForm() method when required.

I hope these patches are adequate and could be integrated into a future 
release of Apache CXF.

Best regards and A+
Philippe Merle

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