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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Error while generating soap:header using WSDL-first approach with CXF 2.2.3
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 19:26:21 GMT

In your case, the input/output messages don't meet the requirements of it 
being an unwrapable operation, thus, it's treating it as bare mode.   When 
that happens, a bunch of JAX-WS rules change and adding an extra out parameter 
causes it to change to a "void" return and each out param is a holder param.   
It would be:

void listaAnsokanstatusTyp(
 ListaAnsokanstatusTypAnropsmeddelande parameters,
 Holder<ListaAnsokanstatusTypSvarsmeddelande> parameters,
 Holder<MeddelandeTidsstampel> meddelandetidsstampelheader)

Since java won't allow two parameters of a method (the first two) to have the 
same name, the exception is thrown.   The -autoNameResolution  flag works the 
best as it just renames the second to parameters1.    


On Fri August 28 2009 9:48:54 am forda wrote:
> Hello !
> Whith the instruction below:
> "wsdl first way: you can add elements to the message in the wsdl and then
> mark them as soap:headers in the soap:binding section of the wsdl. The
> wsdl2java tool will generate the @WebParam(header = true) annotations as
> above"
> which is from the FAQ, i receive an Error, will attach it with this post
> along with the WSDL.
> Though with the workaround passing an extra arg like this
> <extraargs>										       	    <extraarg>-autoNameResolution</extraarg>
> </extraargs>
> Using 2.2.3 version of CXF. Any idea?
> Thanks in advance.
> Daniel
> error.txt
> Ansokan.wsdl
>sd ListaAnsokanstatusTypSvarsmeddelande.xsd
>xsd ListaAnsokanstatusTypAnropsmeddelande.xsd
> MeddelandeTidsstampel.xsd

Daniel Kulp

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