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From Bruno Melloni <>
Subject RE: Reading bean from cxf/Spring context file
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 21:17:12 GMT
No, sorry.  I guess I did not communicate it clearly.  

<jaxws:endpoint implementor="#webServiceImpl" ... /> works great.

The problem happens when I add a vanilla bean to the context:

<bean id="myBean".... />

I try to read the bean fail miserably.

- I already tried adding "private MyBeanClass myBean" and the corresponding getter/setter
in my code.  No luck.
- I also tried to add @Autowire to that attribute.  Still no luck.

Clearly what I'm missing is 'how to grab' a bean from that context that was already loaded.
 My classes don't seem to be aware of the CXF context - not even my service Impl class.

I agree that reloading the context like I'm doing is insane (even though it is the only thing
I could do to make it work - so I was punting).  What code would *you* use to get a reference
to myBean?


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From: Ian Roberts [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 2:19 PM
Subject: Re: Reading bean from cxf/Spring context file

Bruno Melloni wrote:
> The problem was the classpath - it includes WEB-INF/classes but not
> WEB-INF. I ended up reading the bean from the CXF context file with
> the following code:
> ApplicationContext ctx = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(
> "../applicationContext-ws.xml" ); myBean =
> (MyBeanClass)ctx.getBean("myBeanID");
> The key was the "../".
> Still, even though this works, it doesn't feel right.  There must be
> a cleaner way of reading context files that reside in WEB-INF, or
> even more specifically - to read (or even autowire) beans from the
> CXF context file - just like you do in Spring MVC.

This isn't right - what you're doing there is creating a whole new
ApplicationContext that just happens to be based on the same bean
definition files as the main context (created for you by the
ContextLoaderListener).  You already have a context including all the
bean definitions in WEB-INF/applicationContext-ws.xml plus those in
WEB-INF/classes/applicationContext-app.xml, which was loaded at startup
by the ContextLoaderListener.

The correct way to proceed depends on what you want to do.  I presume
your applicationContext-ws.xml contains something like

<jaxws:endpoint implementor="my.example.WebServiceImpl" ... />

and you want to get at your Spring beans from inside your WebServiceImpl
class?  If that is the case then the easiest thing to do is to change it
to say

<jaxws:endpoint implementor="#webServiceImpl" ... />

<bean id="webServiceImpl" class="my.example.WebServiceImpl">

This makes your web service object a Spring bean in its own right rather
than having CXF create it by reflection.  So now if you want a reference
to myBean within your service class, you can do it in the normal Spring
style - add a public void setSomething(MyBean b) method to the
WebServiceImpl class and add <property name="something" ref="myBean" />
inside the webServiceImpl <bean> definition.  You don't need to call
getBean directly.

Does this help?


Ian Roberts               | Department of Computer Science  | University of Sheffield, UK

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