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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Purpose of message.getId? Returning null in CXF
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 17:45:35 GMT

Interesting.   I just checked the entire codebase and there are not ANY calls 
to Message.getId or Message.setId.   Thus, I would say they are "left over" 
bits from the XFire migration that probably either shouldn't be there, or 
should be implemented.   Not sure which really.  :-)

Usually what you do is generate your own ID of some sort and do something 
message.getExchange().put("My.Key.Identifier", key);
that you can then get later to correlate. 


On Thu June 11 2009 1:32:42 pm cj91 wrote:
> In some code that we are porting from XFire to CXF:
> externalSessionId = soapMessage.getId();
> In XFire, it seems this used to return a session identifier. We use this in
> a custom interceptor to match different bits of tracking data together
> since they belong to same invocation.
> We're port the xfire handler to a cxf interceptor, but it seems that we are
> getting a null String from cxf on this method. Should we be using it for
> this purpose? Is there something that CXF generates (like a sessionid... I
> know I know webservices are stateless) that we could use to identify a
> specific invocation of our services?
> Many thanks, and thank you for hard work on this project. I can't imagine
> implementing webservices any other way!

Daniel Kulp

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