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From Steve Venditti <>
Subject HttpClient as an HTTPConduit?
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 22:53:22 GMT
Hello -

I've been performance tuning a client application that has some unique
characteristics. To oversimplify, it consists of a data channel and a
command channel. The data channel uses raw HTTP and I can use the
pooling features of the Apache HttpClient API to minimize connection
churn. The SOAP services run ontop of CXF and it seems like they are
always closed after a successful method call even if keep-alive is
specified. Based on my scoping of the Java source code, the
HttpConduit class in CXF is implemented ontop of HttpURLConnection and
it appears to close connections after each request. It seems like the
HttpClient API provides some sort of  URLConnection adapter but it
doesn't seem complete...

So...I've been looking for a means to provide my own HttpConduit
implementation based off on an Apache HttpClient connection pool.

Does something exist in the source code for CXF or is there a well
known way to provide a custom HttpConduit that is based off of an
Apache HttpClient connection pool at this point?

Thanks - any links, tips, suggestions would be appreciated.

- Steve

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