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From Josh Holtzman <>
Subject Re: Configuring DOSGI to use JAX-WS
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 13:55:45 GMT
Hi Eoghan,
Yes, it would most likely require JAX-WS annotations on the service 
interfaces rather than the impl classes, but IMHO it doesn't break the 
OSGI service model.  Perhaps I should explain my use case.

We are building an open source system that must be able to operate in 
both a co-located (one JVM) and distributed topology.  For the 
co-located flavor, we don't want to incur the overhead of web service 
serialization... we want direct access to the java services as they were 
published to the OSGI service registry.  For the distributed topology, 
we want to allow adopting institutions to swap out individual services 
for their own implementations in other languages.  And finally, we want 
our service clients to be ignorant of the current topology.  Service 
developers should enable their services to be available remotely (by 
publishing with the osgi.remote property and using JAX-WS annotations), 
but should not necessarily expect the services to be remote.

Providing a JAX-WS configuration option shouldn't impact folks wanting 
to stick with aegis/simple.  But it does allow projects that want all of 
the benefits of DOSGI to make their web service contracts usable outside 
of the CXF world.


Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> I'm not entirely sold on the desirability of using JAX-WS with dOSGi.
> Wouldn't this require that the original OSGi service class was
> annotated with @WebService, @WebMethod etc?
> And wouldn't this defeat the whole purpose of dOSGi in a sense? i.e.
> if the remotability isn't enabled transparently on a largely unchanged
> OSGi application, why not just write a straight JAX-WS server-side
> application from the get-go?
> Sorry if I'm slightly missing the point here. I just wanted to think
> through the implications of using a databinding/frontend that's more
> intrusive than Aegis/simple.
> Cheers,
> Eoghan
> 2009/5/11 Josh Holtzman <>:
>> I just read David Bosschaert's blog entry [1] addressing questions about his
>> RFC 119 webinar.  One of his answers sparked another question, and rather
>> than contact him directly, I decided to give the wider CXF community a crack
>> at it.
>> I'd like to have the option to specify which databinding strategy to use
>> with DOSGI.  Currently, the Aegis databinding is "hard wired".  I recognize
>> that this makes sense for most use cases, since it relieves the developer
>> from any wsdl or xsd responsibilities.  But it doesn't make sense for
>> cross-platform use cases (which, interestingly, David mentions right after
>> the question "Why don't you use JaxWS?").
>> The default wsdls produced by the Aegis databinding are not easily usable
>> cross-platform.  I wouldn't want to provide a developer with a wsdl that
>> specifies arg0, arg1, and arg2 as argument names, for example.
>> Is there interest in allowing the databinding strategy to be configurable in
>> the DOSGI reference implementation?  If so, I'd be happy to work on a patch.
>> [1]
>> Thanks,
>> Josh
>> --
>> Josh Holtzman
>> Educational Technology Services, UC Berkeley
>> 510.529.9225

Josh Holtzman
Educational Technology Services, UC Berkeley

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