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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject JAX-RS : moving JAXRSInInterceptor to UNMARSHAL phase
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 17:25:31 GMT

I updated JAXRSInterceptor (the one which implements most of the JAXRS in processing) to sit

It was originally created with Phase.PRE_STREAM which in the longer run proved to be too restricting
in that it prevents same CXF 
interceptors participating in both SOAP and REST invocations. For example, the use case highlighted
in a "Smooth namespace 
migration" thread was not working with JAX-RS if STAX readers/writers were registered from
CXF interceptors, as opposed to from CXF 
JAX-RS filters.

This change is unlikely to affect you unless you have a custom CXF interceptor sitting before
Phase.UNMARSHAL and which is trying to 
do some additional preprocessing of a JAXRS request, after it's already been handled by JAXRSInInterceptor
and input JAX-RS 
filters... Please update the phase of your interceptor if it is the case, hope you can apppreciate
that this change is needed...

JAXRSInInterceptor will likely be split later on into few interceptors and refactored such
that some pieces of it can be reused by 
the client runtime as well...

thanks, Sergey 

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